The players in the re-vamping of the Battery Gadsden Cultural Center are made up of residents and non-residents of all ages who see a great potential in this historical building. All of whom enjoy a sense of community and share an appreciation for the arts, culture, and history of Sullivan's Island, SC.


Battery Gadsden is a historic artillery battery. It was built in 1903-1904, and is one of a series of batteries stretching from Fort Moultire to the eastern end of Sullivan’s Island. Until decommissioned in 1917, the concrete battery housed four, six inch guns. It measures approximately 377 feet long and 84 feet wide, with the front or ocean side of the battery at approximately 7 feet high. Battery Gadsden and its neighbor Battery Thomson provided fortification at the mouth of Charleston Harbor.

Our goal is to turn this historic artillery battery into a Cultural Center. A place that houses art, historical artifacts, and old photographs. A place where people can come and create art. A place to have events for the community. A place to showcase everything that the people of Sullivan's Island can offer to create a community fixture for people of all ages to enjoy.


Charleston in general is rich with history and culture. Sullivan's Island is special because so many historical events occurred right here on this island. Culture is abundant on the island and in the surrounding areas and we have an outlet. A venue where we can celebrate the life and culture of past, current, and future island goers.



With your help! We have a lot of work to do. Some maintenance and aesthetic fixes are in order but more importantly we need to get the word out! If you would like to volunteer for one of our committees please let us know.  And spread the word! Tell everyone you know!


There will be a General Membership Meeting every third Thursday of each month at 6:00pm. Come one come all! Membership is free.